Buying a House and Farmland?

BUYING A HOUSE AND FARMLAND? For many Mississippians, the dream home is a house on acreage.  It could be a “home place” that has been handed down for generations or it could be the dream home that someone has been planning for 10 years.  Financing a home like this can be tricky.

Then And Now: The Current Mortgage Climate in Oxford

THEN & NOW: THE CURRENT MORTGAGE CLIMATE IN OXFORD Steve Sloan, Rubics cube, cars in the Grove, and two hardware stores on the square….that’s 1980 around Oxford and those days are gone.  So is Hemingway stadium, Tad Smith colosseum, and Swayze field.  Interest rates were 16-18% back then, and buying a house was much

Online Mortgage vs Local Mortgage

ONLINE MORTGAGE VS LOCAL MORTGAGE QuickenLoans is the fourth largest mortgage lender in the state of Mississipppi.  I guess I never saw this day coming.  I wouldn’t share my personal information with a complete stranger via telephone or worse yet, online.  Apparently, there are a lot of people who would do this and don’t

What Home Improvements Have The Highest Return?

WHAT HOME IMPROVEMENTS HAVE THE HIGHEST RETURN? Many homeowners don’t think about the value a few small enhancements can mean to the market price of their home.   I’m not talking about wholesale changes to rooms or structure, but rather minor modifications.  I’m talking about “weekend warrior” and “do it yourself” stuff. Consumer reports published

5 Tax Benefits of Owning a Second Home

5 TAX BENEFITS OF OWNING A SECOND HOME There are lots of benefits to owning a second home: adventure, escape, and a place to relax. But there’s another benefit that’s often overlooked: the tax breaks. You already know that owning a home usually offers some tax deductions. But what if you own two? Or three?

One Benefit to Living in Oxford or Gluckstadt

ONE BIG BENEFIT TO LIVING IN OXFORD OR GLUCKSTADT You don’t need any money to purchase your first home as long as your income is less than $76,000.  You don’t need money if you are buying your any subsequent house after your first home as long as your income is less than $76,000.  Wow,

Buying Your First Home?

BUYING YOUR FIRST HOUSE? There are very few things as exciting as buying your first home.  It is an empowering exercise to have the ability to purchase a home that costs 3-4 times your annual salary.  Being able to take advantage of different programs and products and gain access to the financial labyrinth the

A Borrower’s Guide to Loan Approval

A BORROWER'S GUIDE TO LOAN APPROVAL By Len Reeves, HomeFirst Mortgage According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, mortgage origination totaled $1.5 trillion in 2015. If you intend to be a part of that total for 2016, there are important documents that you will need to provide and most importantly understand prior to buying a home. 

Buying a Home? Build the Right Team.

BUYING A HOME? BUILD THE RIGHT TEAM. By Len Reeves, HomeFirst Mortgage If you ask ten people to rate their overall experience buying a home, you will more than likely get a mixed bag of answers.  The difference between a bad experience and a great experience depends on the team of people working for you.